REfficient Inc. is the sustainable business about sustainability that this blog is documenting. Stephanie McLarty started REfficient in July 2010 when she realized the need in the market for a business like REfficient. Large corporations had warehouses full of what they considered “obsolete” or surplus equipment. Gathering dust, costing money to store and generating nothing for the company. Eventually much of this equipment would end up being sent to landfills. At the same time there were many smaller companies, with smaller budgets and lower technological needs that could use this equipment. Someone just needed to bring the two together and out of that need REfficient was born.

In the time since, REfficient has grown into an online marketplace with a number of features for businesses large and small. The newest offering is REsource which is in essence a marketplace in reverse. Users can post a wishlist of equipment they need which others can view and quote on. It’s a way of sourcing equipment with no risk and no commitment while reaching a global network of companies and resellers all while remaining anonymous to the public.

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