Opportunities are Like Icebergs: Most are Just Below the Surface

Opportunities are like icebergs – over $30k saved by searching below the surface

Sometimes opportunities are right in front of us, staring us in the face. But often they are disguised or slightly hidden, and we just have to look a little harder. Yet when we find them, and remove them from our blind spot, these opportunities are hidden gems. Totally worth the effort.

It occurred to us at REfficient that much of what could be available for sale was not necessarily being sold. It was going directly to recycling – or worse, landfill – or continuing to sit in warehouses collecting dust. Companies did not know if there was any resale potential or who might want it. They also did not have a process that would effectively Continue reading

Finding Relevance in REvolution

Remotes for Motorola DCT6200 & DCT6208

A huge box of remotes really hits home for people.

What is the most lasting impression for visitors to our premises at REfficient? A huge box of remotes, it would seem. It is all some visitors can think – and talk – about later on.

It touches a nerve. They are similar remotes to the ones we all have at home – in fact, don’t we have multiple remotes, some which we may never use? There are hundreds of these remotes in a single box. In some cases, their current life has ended because they lack a button for a new feature – even though we may only use a few buttons anyway.

Because people have remotes, this becomes more personal, more meaningful. They find relevance in their own lives. They see it and understand it. They then get what we do – optimize reuse and if there is not reuse left, ensure products are responsibly recycled. Continue reading

Two Years Later & So Much to Be Thankful For

REfficient Wall Quote

A quote from Christopher Columbus on the wall at REfficient’s offices

As a growing startup company, we at REfficient have had our share of triumphs and challenges. Yet as we celebrate our two-year anniversary, we have tangible results and an exciting and promising future.

We don’t like to gloat – but frankly, we have a lot to be thankful for. We are proud of our REsults. Um, results. Here are some.

Company Accomplishments

  • Over 1 million pounds diverted from landfill
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved for customers by buying RE
  • Customers located in 8 Canadian provinces 
  • International customers in 6 countries on 3 continents
  • Approximately 50% of REsales are exports
  • Hubs in 4 cities
  • As much as 15% of certain industry segments buying via REfficient
  • Impressive repeat customer rates Continue reading

Announcing The REvolution Project

Companies around the world are doing RE. Are you?

REfficient REvolution Map – Companies around the world are doing RE. Are you?

Same actions = same results.

But what about when you want different results? It would appear that you need to take different actions.

A few months ago, we at REfficient realized that if we kept marketing and educating the same way, we would continue to reach the same audience. Most of the time, the audience includes those who are already aware and who already care. Yet if we want to reach different people – really see change in the world to change – we have to do things differently.

We think the world needs positive change – and deserves it. A stumbling block for Continue reading

Cost Reduction Ideas for Business

Cost reduction can be achieved through effective reuse and recycling

Cost reduction can be achieved through effective reuse and recycling

As businesses, we all look for ways to grow our top line while reducing our expenses. Whether using REfficient.com or another site, here are some ideas for cost reduction for your business around reuse and recycling.

Can you reuse your equipment within your company? Reuse is an effective means to cut costs. There may be another area that can use the equipment, by being put directly into service or being used as a spare. The first thing to understand is if there is a formal policy or process around internal reuse. Even if there is not, there could be opportunities to reuse equipment if you ask.

But beware – many companies keep too many spares across their organization. While it is a good idea to have replacement equipment on hand in case of a failure, spares occupy space and can tie up cashflow, especially when the equipment could be sold off at a reasonable price. Continue reading