How to Encourage More Women in Tech

How do we encourage more women entrepreneurs in technology?

How do we encourage more women entrepreneurs in technology?

Entrepreneurship is not just about great ideas – it’s about putting them into action.

In a previous posting “Why are there not more female tech entrepreneurs?”, I reflected on my experience as a female entrepreneur in the tech space and the lack of women colleagues. I identified issues that I have seen and experienced personally which work against more females getting involved in tech.

Yet being aware of some of the issues is one thing; doing something about them is another. Here are four suggested to-do’s, some of which are already underway thanks to leaders in this area. In those cases, we do not need to reinvent the wheel. Continue reading

Are Your Selling Price Expectations Realistic?

Pace cable boxes, DCT6200, DCT6208

Looking to sell equipment? Check if your expectations are realistic.

A recurring theme we see at REfficient is that selling price expectations are sometimes out of line with the market. It is hard to fault people – you buy it at one price at a point in time, so why wouldn’t you be able to sell it as such? There are actually several reasons.

Here are some pointers to consider when thinking about the selling price.

Technology depreciates too

There are many factors which go into technology depreciation. Certainly an obvious factor is the age of the equipment. The older a piece of equipment is, generally the less it is worth.

There are other factors that figure into depreciation too. The type of technology and the direction that technology has taken overall can affect the selling price. The legacy value of the brand and the demand for use are other important factors. Continue reading

Three Reasons Why It is Good to Reuse

REfficient REvolution Viva La Earth

The first REvolution Project poster on the amount of waste that could be reused or recycled.

Reduce reuse recycle.

We have all heard that phrase many times over – especially recently. But how often do we really stop and  consider why it is all so important?

As part of The REvolution Project, we are launching posters to draw awareness to just that. These posters will feature important statistics on the 3R’s. These statistics may also be startling, but so is the issue at hand.

So why is it important to reuse? We know implicitly that reuse is important, but we don’t necessarily think about exactly why.

Here are three reasons why it is good to reuse.

1.       There is opportunity in your “waste.”

We know the expression – one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This reality also produces an opportunity to save money and to generate money, not to mention do something good for the environment. Continue reading

Oh Baby: 26 Seconds of Shock Value to Raise Awareness

26 seconds.

That is the duration of our latest REvolution Project video on resource consumption. And while our intention is some shock factor, we thought the issue was worth 26 seconds of people’s time. That’s all we ask – less than half a minute of your life to get some perspective and hopefully wake up.

After all, the average North American adult presently is consuming 25 tonnes of resources per person per year.1 

Why does resource consumption matter?

Some people might say – why does this matter? The grocery store shelves are always lined. There is always gas at the pump. There is always clean water coming from the faucet. Continue reading

Six Intangibles that Make a Great Pitch

“Content is king.” This phrase is ever more pervasive for things like Search Engine Optimization, and rightly so. Yet when doing an elevator pitch or an investor presentation, content is really only one part of the equation. Too many people overlook the “how” – how you deliver the content – even though it is actually “how” that can get you noticed and get the follow-on meeting.

Ignoring the “how” is like building great technology, but not having an effective go-to-market strategy to get the technology in the hands of customers.  Continue reading