An Inside View at Creating a Sustainable Business about Sustainability: Successes, Failures and Lessons Learned

In July 2010, I launched a business that I felt made complete sense – help people get financial and environmental results by providing tools and options to better manage their resources. There was a better way – be efficient at “RE”.

Hence, REfficient was born. In a year and a half, we have made great strides forward and yet have also faced major challenges. We have witnessed that what we envision truly is possible. Yet we have experienced that for our journey to fulfill its potential, nothing less than sheer determination, perseverance and ultimate smarts is required. Getting any business off the ground is not easy, but a company that challenges society’s norms – and with a big, bold vision to bring positive change to the world – seems almost impossible.

While vision is critical, implementation is just as vital, if not more important. This blog is about what we learn – the things that work, the things that fail (and sometimes rather miserably), and everything in between. Some blogs will focus on building a business, some will focus on sustainability, and many will cross over: creating a sustainable business about sustainability. I will be as honest as possible, without revealing any specifics or names related to our business for confidentiality reasons. Continue reading