The Irony of Succeeding at Sustainability

I was in the bank the other day and was given the biggest compliment I have been given in a long time.

When the customer service representative remarked that she liked my coat, I explained to her that I had purchased it “RE” (pre-owned). She was impressed. I then told her that my hat was purchased locally, while my purse was made out of reclaimed vinyl, seatbelt and bike tire. And then she said it, with eyes full of wonder.

“I would have never known.”

I was elated. It struck me – it was possible to be stylish, cool and eco. But it was more than that. Continue reading

More Dealing with “No”: How Steven Spielberg, JK Rowling and Morgan Freeman Failed and Succeeded

A few weeks ago, I wrote about dealing with “no” or failure. One of my tactics to keep persevering in the face of my own setbacks is to remind myself that I am not alone. All extremely successful people have had tremendous stories of failure in their own way before making it big. With risk comes failure – and so does reward.

Here are three more stories of very successful individuals who did not let roadblocks stop them. These are constant reminders that any life journey will have challenges. But if you follow your heart and keep persevering, you can reach your goal. Continue reading

What is the Biggest Selling Point of Sustainability?

You land a big meeting with a corporation to promote your sustainable product or service. What is the biggest selling point for them? Is it financial or environmental? Or “doing the right thing”?

In our experience, it is none of the above. The biggest selling point is the business case – the rationale of why the sustainable measures make sense. The business case can take many factors into account and weighs out the advantages and disadvantages. The business case also takes the company’s particular circumstances into account. Continue reading

Dealing with “No”: How Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan Failed and Succeeded

The entrepreneurial journey, which fascinates most but is lived by few, is one which is highly challenging. Dealing with rejection and failure is all part of the journey, but it is hard – painfully hard sometimes – to find the strength to keep going when it seems like doors are shutting.

One of my tactics to deal with “No” is to remind myself that I am not alone. Any successful person will tell you that they have been rejected at some point – and usually many times. Failure comes with risk, but so does opportunity.

Here are three stories of mega-stars who failed, persevered and became the icons we know them to be today. These stories show that “no” is not necessarily a roadblock, but a signpost along the way. How these individuals dealt with their failures is what was truly defining. Continue reading

Sustainable Buying for Business and Personal: Three Questions to Ask

Sustainability – meeting the needs of today without compromising those of the future. Who would not want that? I am convinced that most people want to do the right thing when it comes to their impact, but often do not know where to start, what their options for sustainability are and what the costs might be.

Indeed, sustainable buying is not clear cut. There are so many factors that go into sustainability – financial, environmental and social considerations – and it is difficult to weigh the importance of each. Here are three questions that we ask when purchasing for our business, and when I buy for my personal life. These questions help us to determine our options as well as the associated costs and benefits. Continue reading