Previously-owned equipment is often new or refurbished, such as these Motorola DCT6416.

Have you ever had a preconceived notion about something, and realized later that you were wrong? And you wish you’d known sooner?

We see the same thing when it comes to surplus equipment. If you have ever caught yourself saying “We don’t buy recycled equipment” or “We don’t buy as-is”, read on. It’s probably not what you think.

The next time you say those statements, consider these realities.  

Over 50% of what is on our website is new, never used surplus

Over half of what is listed on the REfficient marketplace is new, never used equipment that was simply surplus to another company. Usually it is in the original packaging, with the box not even opened. This means that concerns about quality are mitigated.

Many types of equipment come with a warranty

Many types of conditions carry a guaranteed working warranty – Used working, Screened and cleaned, Tested working, Refurbished, New-other and New-sealed box. When you find equipment in the marketplace, you will also see whether or not a warranty is given in the listing. This means that if there is an issue with the equipment when it arrives, you will be able to get a refund, or in some cases a replacement. 

You can purchase an additional warranty on some equipment

Some equipment is eligible for an additional warranty. It depends on its condition but four of eight condition types are eligible (Tested working, Refurbished, New-other and New-sealed box). If there are concerns of quality, purchasing an additional warranty is a good way to reduce risk. When you consider the savings by purchasing through the marketplace, it will likely still cost less to purchase an additional warranty than alternatives in the long run.

Savings are significant

Buying through the REfficient marketplace is an alternative sourcing solution which saves money. Generally customers save 20-50% on equipment and sometimes up to 90%. We’ve seen companies save tens of thousands of dollars on a single transaction. If such savings are possible, why not consider the solution? The savings can even help you look good to your boss.

After all, it’s risk-free to search the marketplace and post REsource (want-to-buy) requests on equipment you need to buy.