Why you should think again when saying “we don’t buy recycled equipment”


Previously-owned equipment is often new or refurbished, such as these Motorola DCT6416.

Have you ever had a preconceived notion about something, and realized later that you were wrong? And you wish you’d known sooner?

We see the same thing when it comes to surplus equipment. If you have ever caught yourself saying “We don’t buy recycled equipment” or “We don’t buy as-is”, read on. It’s probably not what you think.

The next time you say those statements, consider these realities.  

Over 50% of what is on our website is new, never used surplus

Over half of what is listed on the REfficient marketplace is new, never used equipment that was simply surplus to another company. Continue reading

3 Ways Sustainable Lighting Brightens Up Your Business

Lighting plays an important role in employee health and energy costs.

Lighting plays an important role in employee health and energy costs.

Though it may not seem like a significant change, there are two ways that your business can improve its carbon footprint and sustainable energy usage through lighting. Regardless of whether you’re renting out a commercial space or operating in the den of your home, you can take better advantage of natural light through the installation of windows and skylights, and replace inefficient bulbs and fixtures with Energy Star rated models. 

Even better, the benefits exceed environmental; these improvements will have a significant impact on your employees’ health and productivity, as well. 

Better Health

According to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, “Daylighting has been associated with improved mood, enhanced morale, lower fatigue, and reduced eyestrain…. Continue reading