REfficient Shimple Shipping

Starting January 1, 2013, emissions from all Shimple shipments will be offset.

Since the first day of REfficient, we started calculating the carbon footprint of our shipments. We felt that this was important information to capture and share with our clients. After all, there is an environmental impact when shipping product around, even if you are reducing impact by encouraging reuse.

As we have been preparing for our reporting for the Hamilton Climate Change Action Charter and Sustainable Hamilton, we realized that we wanted to offset all of our shipments under the “reduce, then offset” motto. Then we had a question occur to us – why wait? So we are taking action.

Starting January 1, 2013, emissions generated from all of REfficient’s Shimple – Simple Ship – shipments will be offset. The purchase of carbon offsets goes to funding projects dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We felt it is important to share why we are doing this. Here are six reasons why.

Many of our shipments already are carbon neutral

We already were purchasing carbon offsets for many of our courier shipments because we had the option and it was the right thing to do. This now ensures that the emissions from all shipments, whether courier or freight, will be offset.

Considering the full cost of transactions

Like in lifecycle analysis, we believe in considering the full cost of a transaction – financial and environmental. Integrating a cost for the carbon produced in the shipping gets us one step closer to doing this.

The extra cost is minimal

The actual extra cost for offsetting is often less than $1 more per package. When you consider the savings on the equipment itself – which often represents hundreds if not thousands of dollars per shipment – the net benefit is still huge.

Tweak the environment to get the desired outcome

When you want to get something done, one of the best ways to achieve this is to tweak the environment so that it leads to the behaviour. In this case, if offsetting becomes mandatory and is controlled by us, it gets done.

Doing business with us means making a difference

REfficient is about practical solutions that make a difference – practical solutions which help companies be efficient with resources. We believe in walking our talk. We have the ability to make a difference – and so do our customers through us. That is what we stand for.

We need to do something now about climate change

The realities of climate change are confronting and the impacts could be devastating. We need to do something now, and every bit counts.  After all, what will be the cost of doing business in future under climate change?