Why is it so hard to get people to save money and the environment?

People can be resistant to change even to great solutions. Here's why and what to do about it.

People can be resistant to change even to great solutions. Here’s why and what to do about it.

Sometimes great solutions are right in front of our eyes and we refuse to see them – or perhaps we do see the solutions, and we just don’t want to change.

Take REfficient, for example.  Companies can save a lot of money and do something good for the environment. It is win-win. Then why is it so hard?

People are generally resistant to change. But why is this the case, when there is something better for them? There could be several reasons why people resist change. Here are a few

Comfort – When something is working, people are reluctant to change for something else that they do not know if it will provide the same comfort. This Continue reading

The Opportunity of Supplier Diversity

REfficient is a certified Women's Business Enterprise - meaning companies can use spend on REfficient's products and services towards supplier diversity initiatives.

REfficient is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise – meaning companies can use spend on REfficient’s products and services towards supplier diversity initiatives.

This week I attended the Women’s National Enterprise Business Council conference for supplier diversity in Orlando, Florida. Just as in the two previous years that I had gone to the conference, I was struck by the magnitude of the opportunity of supplier diversity – for all companies involved.

Yet as supplier diversity still remains relatively unknown in countries like Canada, I thought it was time to look at the concept in more detail – what is it, why does it make sense and how can companies benefit from it

What is Supplier Diversity?

Supplier diversity is a procurement initiative that encourages corporations and governments to use women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses and other Continue reading

Cool & Ecofriendly Marketing Ideas

"REfficient" business cards

These business cards are smaller than regular cards, printed on recycled paper and do not cost anything extra.

When we launched REfficient, we had to find effective and affordable marketing solutions that reflected our values. Given the realities of limited budgets, we decided to turn a problem into an opportunity. We came up with creative solutions that reflected who we are and what we believe in – that there are sustainable solutions that can achieve both cost reduction and environmental results.

Here are some of our eco-friendly marketing techniques that we think are pretty cool too.

Innovative Business Cards

Our business cards are printed on recycled paper two-thirds’ the size of regular business cards. Because the smaller cards are more efficient with resources, they do not cost anything more than regular business cards, despite being printed on premium paper. Continue reading

Statistics Showing Why Business Sustainability is Important

Business sustainability is important - here a mirror in REfficient's office has been repurposed by old screws

Business sustainability is important - this photo shows a mirror in REfficient's office that has been repurposed by old screws

We now hear it continually and see it everywhere – sustainability, green products, environmentally conscious solutions and more. We see environmental designations on products and the call to action to be more environmentally friendly.

Yet do you ever wonder about the greater picture – what is the need for sustainability? Here is a snapshot of various statistics to show the importance of sustainability. It is clear that businesses must do their part to lessen their impact on the environment.

Amount of Waste Generated

  • 35 million tonnes/year of waste is generated in Canada. 40-50% is non-organic.[i]
  • In 2010, Americans generated about 250 million tons of trash and recycled and composted over 85 million tons of this material.[ii]
  • By the age of 6 months, the average Canadian has consumed the same amount of resources as the average person in the Continue reading

Why Are There Not More Female Tech Entrepreneurs?

As the discussion continually turns to the absence of female tech entrepreneurs, I thought it was time to reflect on my own experience. Over the course of the two years REfficient has been in business, we have increasingly seen the importance and opportunity of technology in our business. As a result, we have continued to develop our online platform and will continue to do so, knowing that technology is integral to our future.

Yet this was not what I envisioned early on. I did not start out thinking that running a technology-based company was what I wanted to do. Now as a Non-Technical Founder (a label I have since learned and gladly embrace – see my blog on the subject) and a female one at that, I realize there are some realities that discourage women in technology businesses.

The following are my reflections on these realities. I will discuss what I believe we can do about it in a future blog. Continue reading