REoutfit the Future through Sustainable Fashion

Promoting sustainability – and in particular “RE” – extends beyond opportunities for businesses. In fact, we can incorporate aspects of sustainability into almost every aspect of our lives. This allows us to make choices which are good for our pocket books, the environment and society as well.

As a champion of all things “RE”, I try to choose as much sustainable fashion as I can. Sustainable fashion applies the principles of sustainability to clothing, accessories and jewelry. This could include items which are: Continue reading

Why Lady Gaga is My Business Hero

Lady Gaga. Talented pop star provocateur. This was my impression of the icon.

Then I happened upon a television interview with Gaga. I was surprised and intrigued to find out the real story of her success. For someone with such a rapid rise to super stardom, it was easy to think that she had it easy.

Yet this was completely wrong. Lady Gaga endured a series of setbacks and roadblocks. Her ability to navigate and find creative solutions to the barriers reminded me of any successful entrepreneur. Her story shows tremendous lessons for business. Not only have I gained a newfound respect for the woman, I have also taken the following lessons from her journey for my business. Continue reading

Brand New “RE”: A New Strategy for Budget Cuts & Cost Reduction

When people think of surplus items, they usually think only of used or refurbished.

Yet the core of the concept is truly excess or redundant, whatever the condition. This can include items which are brand new. There is actually a significant amount of new, never used product which comes through the disposal process. In fact, over 50% of what is listed on the website is actually never-used product in its original packaging. It is like buying brand new equipment with significant cost reduction.

This might sound too good to be true, but it is not. There are several possible reasons for this strategy. Continue reading

Women Sustainability Champions: Where Are We Now?

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is a great time to reflect on the female eco-entrepreneurs and environmental champions who are pushing the sustainability agenda forward.

Yet as I set out to write this blog, I have struggled to find well-known examples of female sustainability champions. True, there are great women environmental leaders at the grassroots level and throughout the spectrum. But where are the powerful women sustainability leaders?

As I thought more about the issue, three main themes seemed to emerge. In each, one female stood out to me as a great example. Continue reading

Light Bulbs & Turning Points: Pivotal Points in My Business

 Some of the most pivotal – and interesting – moments in my entrepreneurial career have been the light bulb moments. These “aha!” experiences have resulted in turning points to my business. Here I share with you three examples of light bulbs and turning points for REfficient.

Not Knowing What You Are Agreeing To

Some of life’s most precious moments are born in committing to certain things without knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into. And when I say “precious”, I mean funny, exciting, scary, “#$%^! What did I get myself into?” kind of situations. Continue reading