Case Studies of Why Reuse Makes Sense

While it is well know that reuse makes sense environmentally – reuse, after all, is the second “R” of the three R’s – people do not necessarily see the business case of why “RE” makes sense financially.

The term “RE” refers to product which was pre-owned. While many people pre-owned means used, companies will often have brand new, never used product sitting surplus in their inventory. Perhaps they bought too many, or upgraded to the next version. “RE” therefore refers to “again”, regardless of the product’s condition.

The following are four case studies of how “RE” has brought financial, environmental and time benefits to businesses of various sizes. These case studies have come from REfficient, yet go beyond any singular company or system. They are our success stories of why reuse truly works. Continue reading

Is being a female entrepreneur an advantage or disadvantage?

As a female entrepreneur, and a young one at that, I am occasionally asked whether I believe my gender is a help or hindrance. This question is particularly of interest to people given my company is technology-based – a traditionally male-dominated space.

As I attend conferences dealing with investment and technology, it is clear that men largely fill the room. Being a woman in a testosterone -filled crowd makes it easier to get noticed. This is undoubtedly a distinct advantage. After all, standing out from a crowd is so important in business – raising awareness that you exist and what you do is the first step to get to the next level.

There are also formal opportunities for women like never before. With the advent of supplier diversity – where large corporations and governments have quotas to do business with woman- and minority-owned firms – women business owners get a fast track to meet with key individuals within these organizations. The incredible opportunities through supplier diversity continue to astound me. Continue reading

The Irony of Succeeding at Sustainability

I was in the bank the other day and was given the biggest compliment I have been given in a long time.

When the customer service representative remarked that she liked my coat, I explained to her that I had purchased it “RE” (pre-owned). She was impressed. I then told her that my hat was purchased locally, while my purse was made out of reclaimed vinyl, seatbelt and bike tire. And then she said it, with eyes full of wonder.

“I would have never known.”

I was elated. It struck me – it was possible to be stylish, cool and eco. But it was more than that. Continue reading

More Dealing with “No”: How Steven Spielberg, JK Rowling and Morgan Freeman Failed and Succeeded

A few weeks ago, I wrote about dealing with “no” or failure. One of my tactics to keep persevering in the face of my own setbacks is to remind myself that I am not alone. All extremely successful people have had tremendous stories of failure in their own way before making it big. With risk comes failure – and so does reward.

Here are three more stories of very successful individuals who did not let roadblocks stop them. These are constant reminders that any life journey will have challenges. But if you follow your heart and keep persevering, you can reach your goal. Continue reading